Trailblazer Ranks

Not sure if you’ve heard of the new Salesforce Trailblazer ranks. Basically, Trailblazer ranks is an upgraded look and feel of Salesforce Trailhead. I just happen to see it when I visited my trailhead profile last week. To give you an overview and to entice you further to use Salesforce trailhead, here is a screenshot of … More Trailblazer Ranks

Salesforce Trailhead: A new approach to learning Salesforce

Many Salesforce professionals have been struggling on where to find materials to learn more about Salesforce. I am quite sure though that with the increasing popularity of Salesforce Trailhead, some of the Salesforce professionals have started using it to speed up their learning process. To give a quick overview, Trailhead is a new approach to learning … More Salesforce Trailhead: A new approach to learning Salesforce

Salesforce Passion

Finally! This is it. This first post of mine will definitely make a difference (especially for myself), it is because I’m starting to give blogging a try. I am not a pro on this one but rest assured that I will give the best shot that I could give in every post that I will … More Salesforce Passion